Andrew  F. Remix dance 12". Matt Nelmes.
Andy Duerden. Mix rock musical tracks.(rock) Glenn Keiles.
Anthony Phillips Various projects. AP/Me.
Anuk. Produce, rec & mix dance single. Me/Tom Davidson.
Amy Grant.  Vocal rec. and overdubs for Christmas album. Brown Bannister. 
All Saints.  Vocal recording and overdubs for first album.  Cameron Mcvey. 
Aviation Blonde. Debut single and album. (pop/rock) Matt Nelmes.
Bad Boys Inc.  Orchestral and vocal overdubs for singles. Ian Levine. 
Bart Foley. Album rec.and mix. (rock) Matt Nelmes.
Blue Pearl. Record single. (dance) Phil Mcdonald.
Boyzone.  Christmas single overdubs and mixing.(pop)  Ray Hedges. 
Carmel.  Vocals and tracking for album.(pop)  Mike Thorn. 
China Junk.  Overdubs for debut album.(rock)  Malcolm McClaren. 
Chris de Burgh.  Single rec and mix.  Peter Oxendale.
Clare Teal Vocal recording on film credits. Julia Taylor-Stanley
Click. Trance-house double "A" side. (dance) Click.
Cliff Richard & The Shadows Recording album "Reunited" (rock) Self
Crazy. Producing first singles.(pop girl band) Matt Nelmes/me. 
Crowded House.  Mixing backing tapes for tour.(rock)  None. 
Danny Rampling. Overdubs for dance mix album.(dance)  Danny Rampling. 
David Holmes.  Overdubs for "James Bond" single.(dance)  David Holmes. 
David Lowe. Single record.(pop) David Lowe.
Heavy Stereo.  Overdubs for album.(pop)  Steve Orchard. 
Edwin Collins. Recording for album.  Self.
Emiliana Torrini.  Record E.P. (pop) Band. 
Eva.  Mixing debut single.(dance) Matt Nelmes.
Evren Omar. Mix euro trance track.(dance) Evren Omnr.
Galus. Rec. and mix album.(rock) Me.
Gareth Gates.  Overdubs for single.(pop)  19. 
Il Divo.  Overdubs for album.(pop)  Steve Mac. 
Jethro Tull.  Overdubs for album.(rock)  Ian Anderson. 
Jeanette Murphy.  Vocals and mixing for album.(pop)  Geoff Stanton. 
Jeremy Healy/Amos. Tracking and mix  for album(dance/concept)  Healy/Amos.
Joe Longthorne.  Album rec. and mix.(easy listening)  Pete Murrey. 
Julie Andrews. Recording for album.  A N Other.
Kelly Clarkson.  Recording for single/album.  James McMillan. 
Kenny Thomas.  Overdubs for album.(pop)  Kenny Thomas. 
Kieron J. Mix tracks.(dance) Kieron J.
Kinky Machine.  Tracking for album.(rock)  Eg White.
Kinks.  Archive tape mixing.(rock)  None. 
Lemon Trees. Mixing album.(pop/rock)  Guy Chambers. 
Led Zeppelin.  Scariest vocal session ever!.(MTV unplugged)  Plant/Page. 
Lettie Maclean. Single release and arrangment. Me/Artist.
Manchild. Remix album for live work.(indie) Band.
Maxi Priest. Record album track. (pop) Livingston Brown.
Michaela. Single rec. and mix. (pop) Matt Nelmes.
Michael Armstrong. Album Mix. Self/W. Bennett
Mimi. Japanese acid jazz soundtrack. Mimi.
Miriam Stockley. Solo album. (vocal ambient/chant) Julia Taylor-Stanley.
Mountain.  Tracking and vocals for album.(rock)  Chris Tsangerides. 
Neneh Cherry.  Overdubs for various albums.(commercial pop)  Cameron Mcvey. 
Nemo.  Single rec. and mix.(pop)  Brian Robson. 
Newton Faulkner. String overdubs for single.(pop)  Mike Spencer.
Nightwish.  Orchestral recordings for album.(metal)  Pip Williams. 
Nu Hope/Steve Bayliss. Album rec. and mix. (R&B/pop) C Hope/M Johnson.
Olive.  String overdubs for album.(dance)  Self. 
Owen Paul. Remix of single. (pop) Pari/Phil Hurst.
Pet Shop Boys.  String overdubs for album.  Self. 
Phil Da Costa.  Mixing in-house single.(commercial dance)  Phil Da Costa. 
PIM.  Single mix.(drum and bass)  PIM. 
Pip Williams.  Orchestral overdubs for German band.(rock)  Self. 
Pop Stars.  Recording/Mixing T.V. show tracks.  Ray Monk. 
Pop Stars the rivals. Recording/Mixing T.V. show tracks.  Ray Monk. 
Pop Idol.  Recording/Mixing T.V. show tracks.  Ray Monk. 
Pop Idol 2. Recording/Mixing T.V. show tracks.  Ray Monk. 
American Idol.  Recording album tracks. James McMillan. 
Rebel Nation. Rec. & mix promo singles.(pop/rock) Me/band.
Reborn in the U.S.A.  Recording/Mixing T.V. show tracks.  Ray Monk. 
Rick Wakeman.  Tracking/mix for various albums.(new age)  Self. 
Roger Waters.  Orchestral overdubs for album.(rock)  Self. 
Sonia.  Backing tracks for T.V. show.(pop)  Ray Monk. 
Sonic Vista.  Mixing debut singles and album.(rock)  Band/Me. 
Steranko. Promo record and mix,(rock) Band/Me.
Steve Hillage.  Film mix.(ambient)  Steve Hillage. 
Strangelove.  Tracking and vocals for album.(rock)  Mike Thorn. 
Stuart Copeland.  Mixing for T.V. film.(different!)  Stuart Copeland. 
Suede.  Overdubs for album.(pop)  Self. 
Sunscreem.  Tracking for first single and album.(dance)  Self. 
Toyah.  Complete album.(unplugged)  Oliver Davis. 
UB40.  Single mix for album and film.(reggae)  Self. 
Upside Down.  String overdubs for album and singles.(pop)  Ian Levine. 
Vivian Ellis Album mixes Glenn Keiles.
Wildhearts.  Album mixes.(rock)  Dante Bonuto.